Do you remember your favorite clothes when you were a kid? That outfit you begged to wear 24/7? Or that piece of clothing that made you feel like you owned the world and could do anything? That is what we want from il Bambino. We want kids to be kids while still offering the best and most fun childrenswear for the great adventure that is childhood! 

About Us

As a mother of two, passionate about fashion and with a professional degree in the industry, I found myself stressing about finding the perfect clothes for my kids. High-quality products in the U.S. were often too expensive, boring or simply not what we were looking for but after a trip to Europe in 2017, I realized that European brands for kids had so much more to offer than princess dresses and Mary Jane shoes. They had clothes that were fun, stylish, practical and unique! And most importantly, these brands offered products made with high-quality materials for reasonable prices.

Four years after this realization, il Bambino was born as an online store dedicated solely to children. Because of that, we aim for brands that are for kids and inspired by kids. We believe that childrenswear has to be designed on their terms, considering what kids like to do most: have fun! For this, we look for clothes, accessories and footwear that allow them to explore and live fearlessly. Our goal is to give them the freedom to reinvent themselves and discover their personality, creativity and style through our products. As a result, we promise you that we look for products that are inspiring, unique, comfy, practical and most importantly, of the best quality.

At il Bambino, we seek brands that have long-lasting products and that will become your kid’s favorites. We focus on high quality European brands that are not easily accessible in the U.S. Our stocking includes brands such as Scotch & Soda, Nadadelazos, Hebe, Catimini, Karl Lagerfeld and so much more! In addition, we want to facilitate the customer’s work not only by bringing il Bambino to your doorstep, literally, but also by pairing our products to create outfits for your little ones. Buying from us is easy as 1-2-3!