Back to School

Are you ready? On your mark, Set, GO! It’s time to get back to school..

This new school year will be a challenge for every parent out there! Whether your kids are attending virtual classes or going back to their schools, there are a lot of changes going on. Now more than ever, transitions can be tough for kids… and parents. But it will be ok! We’re all on the same boat, so we’d like to share some basic tips to make this coming back to school as smooth as possible.

1. It is important that everyone in the household gets mentally prepared for what is ahead. You should discuss with your kids what to expect on the first weeks of school, so they feel more prepared. Also, take the opportunity to talk to them about what they’re feeling, so that they know that they can talk to you and that they‘re not alone in this adaptation process.

2. Whether on virtual classes or going to school, your kids need to stick to a routine. This not only helps them to stay organized, but also helps to reduce the stress caused by uncertainty. Kids will understand better what they need to do, or what's expected from them if their schedule includes images.

3. Set a learning station in your children’s bedroom or another part of the home that is quiet and promotes study. It should be a space free of excessive visual stimulation, because you don't want them to get overly stimulated and get distracted easily. This space should have all the materials your kids need to do virtual classes, reading, writing and arts and crafts.


4. Do as much as you can the night before to avoid forgetting things during the morning rush and creating unnecessary stress. Have your kids school bags packed and their clothes ready for the next day. Everything they need to take to school should be left by the front door or in the learning station if they are taking virtual classes.

5. Establish communication with the teachers since day one and get involved as much as possible, this is more important than ever now that the learning system is experiencing so many changes.


In conclusion, planning and a good attitude are the key elements for you and your kids to succeed this semester back in school. Don't worry, you’ve got this!


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