Beach Bag Essentials

We couldn't help it ... We officially had to welcome summer. Although the reality for most of us is that we won’t to be able to partake in our usual summer activities, we believe that life keeps going. So everyone has to do the best they can to have a safe and fun summer with their families. So, if you are planning to go to the beach or pool this summer, we want to help you with a list of basic items that must be included in every beach bag.

Every parent knows that a fun trip to the beach or pool without being properly prepared can be a total disaster, so here are the basic items you should have in your beach bag:

  • Water: The heat and swimming can be exhausting, so this is why staying hydrated is key. Add insulated water bottles to your family beach bag. If the kids do not like water that much, add slices of fruits like oranges and strawberries to the water to flavor it and don’t forget ice. It will be extremely refreshing!
  • Snacks: It may seem that they are too busy playing in the sand and swimming to notice that they are hungry, but the time will come when they do and it is best to be prepared. Healthy snacks cannot be missing from your beach bag, but remember to avoid all foods that may melt or react poorly to the extreme heat. Good options can be ham & cheese sandwiches, granola, crackers, and some fruits (like watermelon, mango and oranges).
  • Beach Blanket: It holds less sand than a towel does and is easy to shake out and clean.
  • Towels: The rule should be one towel per person.
  • Beach or Pool Toys: You don't need to bring the whole house to keep the little ones entertained at the beach or pool, a few toys should do the job well. Putting the toys in a mesh bag or a plastic box with holes is a good idea. It helps the toys dry faster and gets rid of the sand.
  • Sunscreen: This is a MUST, if you don't have this item in your beach bag your family trip to the beach will quite possibly be cut short. Your sunscreen should be 30 SPF or higher and water-resistant. If you have a special sunscreen for the beach or pool, check the expiration dates before applying, since you might not use it too often, and then don't forget to reapply every 2 hours. You may want to reapply more often if you are constantly in the water.
  • Sunglasses and Hat: These two items will help prevent sunburns and headaches on your kiddos. The sunglasses should have UVA and UVB protection.
  • A change of clothes: Your kids will thank you for not having to go home in a wet  outfit and full of sand. Put the dry clothes in a separate bag so it doesn't get wet or dirty.
  • A garbage bag: Surely your family enjoys the beach a lot, so you must help keep it clean and beautiful. Please collect all the garbage that you may have created during your wonderful day at the beach with your family. Kids do as they see, so teach them with actions and they can help you with the cleanup.

Those are the basic items we think should be in every beach bag, but there is something else that will make the beach or pool trip even more amazing, and it is "The Perfect Swimsuit", and here are some amazing brands we carry, offering UPF 50+ Protection, recycled fibers and beautiful designs.

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We hope you find our list useful in helping you plan your next beach or pool outing with the little ones.