Celebrate the 4th of July, at home!

Whether or not you celebrate Independence Day in a big, dramatic style, we are sure you feel a bit disappointed because this year you will not be able to celebrate as planned. We want to remind you that children do not need much to have fun and that the party must go on. So, we have some ideas that we would like to share with you, so you can have a fun and safe 4th of July celebration with your family from the comfort of your home.


  • Backyard Barbecue: Fire up the grill and enjoy some classics that children love like hot dogs and burgers. The summer heat requires an outdoor bar with drinks for everyone, Strawberry-Lemonade is always a good idea :) And lastly, but not less important, don't forget that red, white, and blue decorations will get everyone in the patriotic spirit.
  • Backyard Picnic: The must have item here of course, is a picnic blanket, try to get a red/white one to go with the theme of the celebration and add some red, white, and blue decorations. Wrap some LED lights around your trees for a nice touch.  To make it more fun, have some music in your picnic. If there is a musician in the family you get them to play the guitar. Live music would be awesome but if not available, a Bluetooth speaker will do the job. If you will have a few friends and family coming over, keep it to  a small group, and take the proper precautions, such as having people walk directly to your yard without going through the house first, and avoid serving food that require people to handle them over and over, like chips, dips, veggies and more. 

  • Bake patriotic desserts: You don't need to be Martha Stewart to make your children happy with some patriotic desserts, just bake (or buy) some cupcakes, brownies, or cookies with red, white and blue sprinkles, stars,  or even some icing and berries to decorate them with the help the whole family. 
  • Crafts with the kids:  Patriotic flowerpots, red, white, and blue paper flowers and flags made using recycled materials, are some great and easy ideas to entertain the little ones in the house.

  • Light up sparklers: Sparklers are the go-to for children on the 4th of July, and the perfect photo prop for your family pictures, however, while sparklers are fun, children should always have adult supervision while lighting them up. Make sure children know not to touch the metal end of their sparklers and to always  point them away from themselves and others.
  • See fireworks from home: You might be some of the few that will able to enjoy some fireworks display in person safely from your home this year... enjoy it! 
  • Virtual trips to New York to watch America's largest Independence Day fireworks display: Macy’s fireworks show in New York city will take place on several unspecified nights from Monday through the holiday, with each display lasting only five minutes. A presentation featuring a recap of these fireworks will be televised nationally on July 4 at 8 p.m. Eastern on NBC.
  • Have a Red, White and Blue water balloon fight at the pool: Who doesn't like a water balloon fight? You could also hide water balloons like an Easter egg hunt and see how many each person can find and place in their buckets without breaking them. Get creative!

These are some fun home activities that you can do with your family this 4th of July. Stay safe, you will have the chance to celebrate big next year!

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