At il Bambino Store we believe that fashion should be a free form of expression, especially in children since they are in the process of trying different things to find out who they are and what they like. Even though fashion is seen as a tool of self-discovery, we are committed to introduce you to some of the biggest fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2020… Yes, there are trends in childrenswear. Trends aren’t only a part of the adult clothing industry.


1. Hoodie Dress: Sporty dresses with details such as sequins and embroideries. 

2. Aloha Shirt: Hawaiian themes on lightweight fabrics with a relaxed fit. Retro prints against bright and colorful backdrops.

3. Fabric “Linen”: Breezy, lightweight linen in an earthy color palette. 

4. Cropped Trousers: These trousers have a cropped fit and minimalist details.

5. Tie-Dye: This one is THE trend of the season, a mayor throwback that is replacing the flowers for spring. It is not only very popular on clothing, it is on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, from hats, to shoes and more.

6. Denim: This is another all-time favorite that has come back with fresh variations including cropped culottes, vintage washes and of charcoal-wash jeans giving us all the '70s vibes. The denim on denim trend is here to stay :)

These are some of the most popular trends for Spring/Summer 2020 that everyone is talking about, and you will see everywhere … your kids can wear these when they are out or when staying home. Fashion is about experimenting and having fun! Your kids are unique, they are one of a kind and that should be represented on their clothes. If you’re not into any of these trends when buying and dressing your kiddos, just make sure they feel comfortable and empowered to conquer the world. 

Find these trends and many other favorites we have on our site. Be sure to follow along for the latest trends and unique items for your kids.