Virtual Zoo Visits

Let’s go to the zoo and aquarium, v-i-r-t-u-a-l-l-y! We know we’ve been at home for a while now and daily activities for the kids are becoming harder to come up with. So, we have created plans for you and the kids! Not only are they free, they are also educational. Find a list below of aquariums and zoos that have live feeds, virtual tours and educational lives:


1. Atlanta Zoo Panda cam:

If you love these furry creatures, you will love to watch them on this free livestream 24/7.

2. Georgia Aquarium Webcams:

The Georgia aquarium has webcams on not one, but various webcams are setup- beluga whales, African penguin, gators, sea otters, jelly fish, California sea lion, Ocean voyager, Piranhas and Indo Pacific barrier reef.


3. National Aquarium in Baltimore:

You can “walk” as you explore through the different exhibits within the aquarium- dolphins, sharks, coral reefs and much more.


4. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago:

They are doing a great job sharing content of their little and not so little creatures that live there! Give them a follow and go explore their posts.

5. San Diego Zoo:

Live cams for interesting animals, sure to keep you and the kids entertained: ape, elephant, platypus, baboon, koala, panda, tigers, giraffe, polar bears, elephants and much more. Explore some of these cams through link below:

6. Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C.:

If you want to watch the most adorable animals, head over to the cheetah club camera. There were four cubs born on April 8th, they move around a bit, so you must check on this camera until they are playing or eating in the den:


Pull up a chair for the kids and click through to explore your favorite zoos and visit your favorite animals. We hope these links and cute animals keep your kids entertained at home!  Not only are they great for you to use for fun yet educational material, but watching these cute animals is sure to bring a bit of joy and happiness to your kids’ faces! We hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend!