Summer Activities

School is out and summer is in! We want to make your life as a parent, easier! We also don’t want the kids to miss out on fun activities which they’re used to partake in during summer. Everything from crafts to virtual free classes are available! Check out our musts below:
  • Famous Miami artist, Romero Britto has created a beautiful coloring book with his emblematic style, free to download and a fun activity for your young ones.
  • Crayola came up with a lot of great craft activities as well as coloring pages, on their site for free. They also have a great section for adult coloring, just in case you want to join-in on the fun.
  • Get in on some Sidewalk chalk art! Grab some washable chalks, like these which are currently buy one and get one 50% OFF and have a great time creating some masterpieces around your street, for you and your neighbors to enjoy. Make sure to wear a mask and maintain proper social distancing. 
  • Head over to Youtube and check out Cosmic Yoga for yoga adventures for the little ones they have a great number of episodes available, they’ll have fun and burn some energy. Can we say win-win situation?
  • If you want to kick it up a notch from yoga, get the kids on a HIIT (high-intensity training) they offer free kid workouts, great to get them active and to burn some extra steam.

    Hope you enjoy these fun activities with the kids! Check out some cute items that are functional and will have them looking cute at the same time.

      1. Top: Knit T-shirt Flame For Boy - Boboli 
          Bottom:  Knit Bermuda Shorts For Boy -Boboli
      2. Top: Brand All-Over Tee -Les Petits Vandales
          Bottom: Brand All-Over Leggings -Les Petits Vandales
      3. Top:  Sea Mates T-Shirt -Baby Clic
          Bottom: Sand Graphite Shorts - Baby Clic
      4. Top: T-Shirt Aditti - Nadadelazos
          Bottom: Pant Deep Soul Yellow - Nadadelazos
      5. Top: Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Bad Boy Cat -Karl Lagerfeld
          Bottom: French Terry Sweatpant with Logo Down the Leg -Karl Lagerfeld
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